Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mac os lion finally out, roarrrrr

So today apple released the new mac os x lion avalabile only as download from the mac app store for £20.99.

  • So what's new?
    • Well to start with one of the biggest features of lion is that there is no virtual copy of the it. Yep thats right it is available as a download only, from the mac app store for £20.00 in the uk. 
    • Second of all it has all new multi touch gestures such as 3 finger swipes for mission control and to change between spaces and full screen apps, two finger scrolling and many more.
    • Third of all the amazing full screen apps, this is so that you can get everything out of the way and concentrate on you work.
    • Fourth of all mission control its a mix between expose, spaces, it gathers everything thats open and puts it all in one
    • Next the mac app store, like the app store for iphone only this time its for the mac.
    • Then we have launch pad, one of the many features that apple took from ios to make lion os more simple. Well launch pad is where you go to get all of your applications on your computer. No more need to scrummage through folders and folders to find a program it will all be there in launch pad.
    • Resume, auto save, and versions. with resume you can start a app or program right from where left off even after a update, so when your mac turns on you don't need to do anything just get back straight to work,with auto save, your work gets saved with out you having to worry so much so that apple doesn't even have a save button, and lastly versions so that if you don't like the way something looks just go back to the previous version of that file.

  • These are just some of the new features in lion got to the apple site for more.

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