Saturday, 16 July 2011

Still no Macbook Airs or Lion.

So with it having been gone July 14th and 15th rumors are starting to come up with new release dates for the Macbook Airs and Mac os X.

Friday 22nd July being the new release date sounds pleasing and believable. why? you may ask, well:

If you have a look at apples history for releasing new operating systems it tends to release them near the end of the month and on a Friday.

        • Snow Leopard 10.6 released August 28th Friday 2009
        • Leopard 10.5 released October 26th Friday 2007
        • Tiger 10.4 released April 29th Friday 2005 
        • and finally Panther October 24th Friday 2003
But all this proves is that apple may release the new os but what about the airs? 

Well if you think about the fact the the two have been marketed together anybody would think that they are being release together. Have a look on apple's site, you will see that when you go onto the lion page you will find that lion is on a macbook air. Now this could all be not true but i have a feeling its is true. All that would not only make the lion release amazing it would probably boost air sales as well.

What will the new Macbook airs feature.

Well in my opinion i think that it will feature new sandy bridge processors but so is the whole web so take it with a pinch of salt, after all nobody expected the current macbook airs to come with intel core 2 duo. And with 9to5mac rumoring that the new airs will have sandy bridge processors all we can do is hope.

Next on my list is a definite and that is the thunderbolt port, with apples new imac and macbook pros having thunderbolt ports we can expect them in the new airs for sure.

Now for something that i am not sure if will happen or not, the backlit keyboard. With many customers annoyed that the airs dropped the backlit keyboard in its last update apple should really bring the keyboard back but with a redesign not looking hopeful we might not see what were typing.

Finally on the list a 128GB or 256GB standard configuration and 4GB of ram.

But for apple to do all of this might not be enough after all Samsung, Sony and Hp all have planned to release macbook air competitors.

With the new rumored date for the release is July the 22 which is next week friday and with apple only stating that lion and only lion will be released in july and no word on the airs all we can do is wait.

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