Friday, 15 July 2011

Why on earth would you want to be an architect? Its not important, we never use it. UH YES WE DO.

So today i was walking around talking to people and got into a conversation about what i want to be when im older and so here it all started, this girl at school said "so what do you want to be when your older" i replyed "an architect." And as you know it the person had no clue what i was on about, and asked, "why i would want to dig up fossils for life." I choose to correct her on her general knowledge and told her what an architect is. 

For those of you who don't knpw what an architect is i will explain in short form, an architect is a person who designs buildings and there structure how the building will be built and where all sockets plugs and switches will go etc. An architect also oversees the build of the building or piece of work that they have designed.

So why is architecture so important?

Well for a start if it wasn't for architects we wouldn't have any buildings that we have know none not even the pyramids in egypt as they to were designed by someone. Architecture is everywhere we look, literally, the paths we walk on, the roads we drive on, and even the parks we hang out in. Architecture affects everybodys lives but yet nobody admires it, nobody cares that someone has spent months and months, drawing, making models, drawing again, sketching, and finally, overseeing that the job gets done well and correctly so that you could use the area you live in. If it wasn't for architects well then the earth would be a giant ball of mud and clay. 

Moving on to my next point. Architecture is an art. Think about it from a white piece of paper to a whole building. It is like sculpting the surroundings we live in. A amazing example of sculpture like architecture is the Walt Disney concert hall by Frank Gehry. It not only makes you think about how its constructed it starts debate. Its like a block of aluminum carved away at by a sculptor and placed in the middle of a town. Most great and iconic pieces of architecture are like sculptures just standing there to be admired. When you start to think about how most iconic designed buildings are built you realize that they are usually not practical in any way for them to be used well and efficiently but that is because they are not meant to be, they are meant to be admired, looked at, and used as a piece of art. As a landmark. I mean look at City Hall in london it would have probably been able to accommodate far more people for the land that it sits on if it was just a plain cuboid. and what if it didn't have those large panes of windows what if it had small windows to save money, it would not have turned out a pain typical building. 
But what about architects who just design little houses for a firm?

Well they are still changing the surrounding but on a much smaller scale. Sure if they design a typical three up two down house that is in a shape of a box, they wont have changed our life a huge deal but you will have changed one persons life and that is the person who will be living in that house. If they design it well the house will work and the client will be happy, but unlike with commercial architects or projects on large scale they are designing for a need and purpose, so for that reason they need to put practicality before design if thats what your client wants. Also just because they are designing a house does not mean that the house has to look like other houses. If architects would have been to scared to change the materials our houses are made from or the construction method used, then we would would still be living in a few planks of wood nailed together. But they experimented and now we can even erect a whole house in less than a month thanks to there hard work.

So there you have it. the main reason in my opinion why architecture is so important in our lives.

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